Executive Coaching

Coaching is 'unlocking a persons potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.'
Whitmore (2009)

Dawn has considerable experience coaching and mentoring a wide range of people, at all stages of thier careers, including senior business people. Her combination of business experience and leadership has enabled her to coach people to achievements they never believed possible.

Dawns has a particular interest in improving diversity in leadership. She delivers leadership training and coaching to women at critical junctures in their careers and is a regular contributor to professional journals.

If you are ambitious for your career in 2019, why not schedule a chat to explore whether executive coaching is right for you? 

'Dawn has provided me with leadership coaching and mentoring over the last few months. She came highy recommeneded and I've not been disappointed. She has exactly the right combination of patient, active listening mixed with insightful, challenging reflections and suggestions. I found both the sessions themselves and the follow-up actions to be highly valuable in guiding my personal / career development, helping close gaps and overcoming barriers to progress. Thank you Dawn!'

'As I approached the end of my maternity leave, I worked with Dawn to ensure that I had a plan in advance of returning to work. Dawn provided fantastic support and coaching giving me a toolkit to guide me through the transition and space to reflect on what I wanted to achieve from work. Her tips on communivcation and planning ensured a smooth return and boosted my confidence. I can highly recommend Dawn's coaching work'